Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Give your Pot a new Breath of Life

Before sending packaging to be recycled, we should always try and think of ways to reuse it. I found that our black pots are great for growing seedlings and for planting herbs in general. I have quite a few scattered around the house and they all managed to make themselves useful.
Besides engaging our creativity, coming up with these solutions also means the pots, bottles and bags will have an increased life-cycle which, in turn, reduces their environmental footprint.
Lush pots are very handy and can be re-used in lots of places around the house.
When the sad day comes when your Lush product is finished:

1. go buy a new one;
2. scrape the bottom of your pot and wipe with a tissue and/or finger;
3. give it a good wash (you can put it in the dishwasher);
4. let it soak in warm water to remove labels;
5. let your creativity run loose.

Let us all be creative and come up with fun and simple ideas for re-using not only Lush pots, but also other bits you once thought about throwing away. Please submit your ideas, pictures, drawing and I'll post them all here!